Holographic Projection

Large numbers of museums and public tourist locations are interested in creating life like shows, however the cost of having actors on a regular basis is not practical, and the customers of today want more than a simple movie. Holographic projections are a great way to solve this problem.

Holographic projections can be put on a schedule and run 10 times a day, every day for years. Also, for special occasions or to give some variety, you can have several holographic projections created and you can rotate them as you like. Holograms give the illusion of 3D without people needing glasses or any special equipment. These shows can be controlled in person, or fully automated. Studio 44 Productions is the only company in the United States who is capable of building and recording holographic projections turn key.

Due to the complexity of holographic projections, it is very important to make sure that whoever you hire can get the job done. Studio 44 Productions built and filmed the holographic projection for the St. Joseph Remington Nature Center. If you are interested in learning more about holographic projections, or have a place where you would like to have one built or recorded for you, please give us a call at 402.779.7974.

Holographic Projection Technical Information

Holographic projections can be built into many scalable solutions from a holographic trade show display kiosk, to a major theater stage show such as what you see in Branson, MO. There are several components required to create these modern marvels. Studio 44 Productions assures that all of the elements fit and work well as a complete system.

To further envelop your guest S44P has developed a visitor presence automation solution that provides seamless integration of multiple displays so as guests can walk from display to display and the content keeps pace with the audience while engaging them at every turn.

The automation and sequencing for a complete museum or zoo presentation requires an in-depth knowledge on how this technology works. A guided progression for touring the displays is crucial to make the holographic projection work correctly.

Once we design the displays or theater with an idea of size and style, then comes the very intricate piece of work the media recording and production for the theater. Filming for a holographic projection requires a deep understanding of how these holograms work, and specifically how your stage has been built. Without this knowledge it would be nearly impossible to film the video so that it appears in a realistic view (3D and life like).

Studio 44

Studio 44 Productions and her sister integration company deliver a turn key experience in Holographic projection theaters with both recording and producing the holographic media as well.

From the inception Studio 44 Productions was developed to explore the limitations of media and entertainment. By leveraging technology, and the medical imaging technology Advancements in imaging, S44P builds experiences that are twisted and unearthly. From human analogs, to digital 3D anime transformations, you can expect a great time and major ROI for your shows.

When ever you are challenged to provide a show or presentation that stretches your imagination, call us up and allow us to expand your knowledge or choices for unreachable heights of mind expanding entertainment.

The Future of Holograms

Holographic technology has grown over time to provide a new class of service in high class viewing experience. The Senses are all engaged in the experience from the HD 3D like view to the mystique of the oh so presence of another being or spectacular object so realistically presented in your space. Allow Studio 44 Productions to assist in building a world class experience for your clients. Whether you are looking to reveal a new automobile, product, or style of clothing make an impact statement that matches your class.

Never again will the artist have vocal issues, late arrival due to storm, or flight delays, think of it as a on-time digital show that gives the crowd the virtual live show atmosphere. Flawless every time performance 99.999% uptime.